Në Fakultetin e Shkencave Islame prezantohen risitë e programit Erasmus+

May 25th, 2023|

Informimi me risitë dhe mundësitë që ofron programi Erasmus+, ishte qëllimi i prezantimit për studentët dhe stafin akademik dhe administrativ, që u organizua të enjten (25 maj 2023), në Fakultetin e Shkencave Islame në Shkup, nga përfaqësuesit e Agjensionit Kombëtar për Programet Arsimore Evropiane dhe Lëvizshmërinë dhe Koordinatori i Erasmus+ [...]

Fakulteti i Shkencave Islame priti maturantet e SHMI “Medreseja Isa Beu”

May 23rd, 2023|

Maturantet e SHMI "Medreseja Isa Beu", paralelja e vajzave në Shkup, më 23 maj 2023, vizituan FSHI-në. Kjo vizitë u shërbeu atyre për t’u njohur për së afërmi me programet studimore që ofron fakulteti ynë, si dhe të shohin për së afërmi auditoret ku zhvillohen mësimet, bibliotekën, laboratorët, si dhe [...]

Dekani i FSHI-së, Prof. Dr. Shaban Sulejmani dhe Prof. Dr. Muhamed Mustafi ligjeruan para studentëve të FSI-së

May 23rd, 2023|

Në kuadër të vazhdimit të bashkëpunimit mes Fakultetit të Shkencave Islame – Shkup (FSHI) dhe Fakultetit të Studimeve Islame – Prishtinë (FSI), me datë 23.05.2023, para studentëve të FSI-së, ligjëruan dekani i FSHI-së, Prof. Dr. Shaban Sulejmani si dhe prof. Dr. Muhamed Mustafi. Kjo vizitë është në suaza të memorandum [...]

Orë ndërfetare

May 18th, 2023|

Më 17 maj 2023, në kuadër të aktiviteteve të Zyrës Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung në Maqedoninë e Veriut, u organizua orë ndërfetare në praninë e dhjetë studentëve të Fakultetit të Shkencave Islame në Shkup dhe dhjetë studentëve të Fakultetit Teologjik Ortodoks. St. Klementi i Ohrit”. Të pranishmëve fillimisht iu drejtua menaxheri i programit [...]


Fakulteti i Shkencave Islame ka për qëllim:

  • Practicing transparent and qualitative management.

  • Achieving the necessary autonomy of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, which will achieve a higher degree of academic and professional freedom and will provide more favorable conditions for higher achievements in education and science.
  • Planning of spatial and human resources, which will affect the permanent development and overall growth of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences.
  • Comprehensive and continuous cooperation with the Dean and the leading staff of FIS, in order to make the work of the faculty more fruitful.
  • Continuous support of the academic staff and professionalization of the teaching staff in the study programs of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences.
  • Professionalization and advancement of the teaching process through modern techniques, methods and tools for work.
  • Continuous increase of students' concrete knowledge and skills, more efficient cultivation of their knowledge, always adapted to the demands of the labor market inside and outside the country.
  • Strengthening mutual cooperation with higher education institutions, using the bridges set up by the management staff of FIS with universities and other sister faculties at home and abroad, in order to achieve European and world standards. Exchanges of students, teachers and professional experiences in order to increase the overall quality of the teaching and scientific process, which benefits the students and academic staff of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences

  • Cooperation with other educational institutions (primary and secondary schools of the country), in which students complete their internship. Preparing students for all the challenges they will face in the process of their basic activity, starting from their training for the professional planning of educational work. Advancing the competencies and rights of students, who should be an equal subject in the processes that take place in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences. The most successful credit system application. Motivate academic staff and students for creative work. Organizing scientific conferences, symposia and scientific roundtables with the active participation of local teachers and universities abroad, in order to further develop scientific research and put them in function of the quality of knowledge. Improving the internal and external evaluation and a range of other activities, leading to the improvement, upgrading and development of professional competencies of our students. Continuous improvement of curricula, through accreditation and re-accreditation - their adaptation to the requirements of the labor market. Teamwork training of students and academic staff. Fair assessment and self-assessment of students' knowledge, concrete skills and abilities. Eliminate all existing shortcomings faced by the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, in order to achieve the highest domestic and international standards. All employees at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences and students must respect the code of ethics at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences

- The Faculty of Islamic Sciences has an important mission both academically and scientifically. - It is strongly committed to the vision of preparing a cadre of competent and professional teachers who will educate, educate and raise not only new cadres with professional capacity but also in general the broad mass of Muslims in our region and beyond. - Adaptation and expansion of the spatial capacities of the faculty and supply with modern technology that will enable us to create a better working environment. Arranging teaching according to the needs of students and the world market. - Creating conditions for cooperation with sister faculties, in order to increase the practical level, so that students after graduation, can be directly involved in professional engagements or in the flow of society.

The Faculty of Islamic Sciences has a clear vision in building a well-prepared staff ready to respond to the challenges of the time: - Competition in the European academia - Profiling through competency development; - Internationally recognized programs; - Opportunity for academic mobility 

The Faculty of Islamic Sciences intends:  Creating an environment where the acquisition of knowledge will be the focus; Integrate teaching, creative activities and the exchange of ideas; - Affirmation of the commitment of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences to the freedom of thinking, writing and speaking. - Consolidation of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences through the addition of new professional and promising lecturers.

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